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Super popular Big Game recipes

To many football fans, this Sunday is essentially a holiday. And like any good holiday, there has got to be good food.

I reached out to a member of our all-pro team to learn what recipes Big Game watchers are adding to their football party playbooks.

“When it comes to game day, people are looking for fast, easy, shareable and indulgent food,” says Madeline Gryczman, marketing communications planner for Tablespoon.com. “Familiar flavors are big hitters, like pizza, cheese, buffalo, jalapeno. And a variety of recipe options is key.”

And there’s no shortage of recipe ideas on our Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Tablespoon websites.


“We see similarities year over year in both searches on our sites and overall top trafficked pages to familiar flavors,” Madeline says. “Chicken wings are a big hitter across all websites, with Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Wings being a top game day performer on BettyCrocker.com last year.

“Tablespoon’s Chicken Wings That Win Big collection had the second highest traffic in the week leading up to the Big Game with nearly 36 times more page views than the average recipe, ” she says. “And the term ‘chicken wings’ was in the top 10 most searched items on Pillsbury.”


Another popular flavor this weekend is buffalo chicken. In both 2015 and 2016, Pillsbury’s Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring was one of the top 10 game day recipes. “Buffalo chicken dip” was the top party favorite that people sought on Tablespoon last year.

While the star performing recipes can change from year to year, there seems to be a flavor theme when it comes to dishes worthy of a touchdown dance.

Madeline says pizza recipes were top attractions on Pillsbury.com in 2015 and 2016.


“On Tablespoon.com we’ve seen that people want unique twists, such as our Football Pizza Cake and Skillet Pizza Dip. Both were in the top five among our recipes  in the week leading up to last year’s Big Game.”

BettyCrocker.com is the place to go if you’re looking for slow-cooker dips, apps, snacks, etc.


And who doesn’t love food wrapped in crescent rolls? Pillsbury.com comes through there.

In 2016, Pillsbury’s Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring, Taco Crescent Ring, and Mini Crescent Dogs all made it in the top five for game day content. And in 2015 Pigskins in a Blanket, Spicy Italian Crescent Ring, Crescent Dogs, and Crescent Pizza Pockets were in the top five spots.


There are endless ways to reinvent classic recipes.

“Take wings for example,” says Madeline. “Swapping some of the traditional flavors you might associate with wings and adding something with a flavor you might not have thought of, like Fireball, is a great way to innovate.

“The same goes with crescents. It’s easy to take any of your traditional flavors and wrap them up in a crescent to make a manageable bite that will definitely impress your party. Using new spices or flavors with classic dishes is another easy way to switch things up.”

On Tablespoon.com, recipes with a twist are top performers.


Back in September, our top game day wing recipes were Coca-Cola chicken Wings, Baked Blackened Cajun Chicken Wings, and Slow-Cooker Fireball Chicken Wings. Each has a little something different to impress guests.

While the Big Game may not be an official holiday, it’s a big day for great recipes. Our websites get more traffic surrounding the season’s final game than all but three official holidays. It even beats out Valentine’s Day for searches on Tablespoon.com.

What’s your game day go-to? Tell us in the comments below.

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