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A tasty topping for your texts

For tech-savvy millennials, text messaging with added emojis or gifs is a way to add character to phone conversations.

And Häagen-Dazs France is giving its followers exactly what they crave. A digital fridge full of ice cream emojis!

And I’m not talking about the simple twist cone that’s been long standing in the world of emojis.Haagen-Dazs-emoji-phone-screen

“Häagen-Dazs is an iconic brand. It has something to say about indulgence and pleasure and these emojis enable us to highlight it,” says Gaelle Cauchois, brand manager of Häagen-Dazs France. “It’s a good way to be in consumers’ everyday life.”

The 16 emojis represent Häagen-Dazs products like ice cream pints and stick bars in cute caricature form. The emojis illustrate everything from tennis to love and pure excitement.


“Mister Pint has an exciting life: he plays tennis, he can juggle with macadamia nuts, he is also a fervent supporter of products made in France and he falls in love with Miss Vanilla. The sticks triplets are very joyful and really like to be together,” Gaelle says.Haagen-Dazs-stick-bar-triplets “They are used like any other stickers – in SMS conversations on iOS systems – to express a feeling or to suggest a dessert for a dinner.”

So basically there’s no longer a need for a throaty scream for ice cream, because now fans can express their love of Häagen-Dazs through their iPhones. Something fun to add to the six billion emojis that Gaelle says are sent every day worldwide.Haagen-dazs-ice-cream-pint-emoji
Here’s the scoop: The one-of-kind emojis are available on iPhones only.

Häagen-Dazs France launched the emoji program, but the stickers are available to fans worldwide.


Search for “Häagen-Dazs-Emojis” in the app store to download the sticker package created exclusively for iMessage on an iOS 10.0 or later device.Haagen-Dazs-ice-cream-pint-family

“The strategy behind releasing the emojis was to reach millennial consumers and to communicate with them differently, in a new ‘imaged’ and ‘indulgent’ way,” says GaelleMr-Pint-and-Miss-Vanilla


While I wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate the Häagen-Dazs emojis into my texts at first, I quickly learned that sending stickers of the petite pints was a great way to drop not-so-subtle hints to my boyfriend that I was craving some Häagen-Dazs.


Has anyone else tried this tactic of texting treat requests? Share your ice cream sticker story in the comments below.

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