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Is there a right way to eat cereal?

For many Americans, every day is a cereal day. But today is really the day worth celebrating.

Because March 7 is National Cereal Day!

It’s our favorite unofficial holiday, where cereal lovers across the U.S. celebrate the beloved breakfast food in their kitchens and on social media using #NationalCerealDay.


General Mills has been making cereal since 1921, so it’s no surprise that we’re interested in all things cereal and we appreciate all the cereal fans who take an interest.


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One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that with so much passion for the popular morning meal, there also is a lot of debate about the “correct” way to enjoy cereal.

Back in October, Susan Matthews, the science editor at, wrote an article on the topic. In “Cereal Is the Most Normal Thing You Can Eat. But Do You Eat It Correctly?” Matthews claimed that her “pour-in-small-amounts” method is indeed the correct way to eat cereal.

She wrote, “Here’s what I do: I start with a very small pour of cereal. Then I add a large quantity of milk. Certainly too much milk for said amount of cereal. The cereal floats up, I eat it, and then I refill the bowl with equally small portions of cereal, about four to seven times, depending on how hungry I am. And then I drink the milk.”

(Editor’s note: We polled people in this post, in March, and asked “Do you agree with the pour-in-small-amounts method?” and 61% said no, 41% said yes)

What about the sogginess state of your cereal? Do you prefer some crunch?

(Editor’s note: We polled people in this post, in March, and asked “Which do you prefer?” and 51% said crispy, 40% said in-between and 9% said soggy)

Some people claim pouring milk into the bowl before the cereal is like breaking some cardinal rule.

Do you agree?

(Editor’s note: We polled people in this post, in March, and asked “What do you pour first?” and 49% said no milk, 43% said cereal and 8% said milk)

In addition to the milk and cereal pouring process, many people have strong feelings about the shape, texture, and taste. What’s your favorite shape?

(Editor’s note: We polled people in this post, in March, and asked “What’s the best cereal shape?” and 33% said ‘O’, 24% said flake, 19% said square, 15% said puff and 9% said other)

Of course, there’s also debate about the amount of time you should spend eating cereal – regardless of if it’s enjoyed for breakfast, for a snack or at dinner.

Here at General Mills, we don’t think there is a right or wrong way to enjoy cereal. We celebrate cereal of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

By the way, we discuss Matthews’ method of eating cereal – and more – in the March episode of our “A Taste of General Mills” podcast.


In fact, our newest show is all about cereal, for National Cereal Day, so you’ll also:

-Learn about the latest insight into cereal eating trends

-Find out how a cereal’s shape can affect the cereal experience

-Hear from one of the biggest cereal fans we know

It’s easy to listen to our show when you’re on the go. Just listen on any podcast app on your mobile device (search for A Taste of General Mills) or through  iTunes  or right here on our blog.

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