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Taking buy local to a whole new level

Knowing where the food you eat comes from is more important now than ever for some. That idea is being taken to a whole new level in France where Green Giant is placing photos of local maize (corn) farmers and putting them on the can label.

“Although Géant Vert (Green Giant) has been in France for nearly 60 years, a lot of people don’t know that our maize is grown in southwestern France,” said Berangere Elan, a Green Giant France brand manager.


Beginning today, the images of two Géant Vert farmers – Estelle Taniére and Jean-Michel Durand – will begin appearing on Géant Vert cans alongside the words “Ma Récolte,” which means “my crop” in French.


The brand team in France also has produced videos of the farmers, which have been shown to retailers and our sales team.

Watch the video featuring Estelle Taniére, here.

They also will be posted to Facebook, Green Giant’s web site in France, and other social channels to help drive consumer interest.

This video features Jean-Michel Durand.

The farmers are members of the Euralis coop network that we partner with. Last year, two other farmers – Pierre Crabos and Eric Laulhé – were featured on the can of sweet corn.

This year, both sweet and white corn are part of the initiative.

The vast majority of the sweet corn is packed at our Seretram facility.


In 2013, Géant Vert was awarded the prestigious “Origine France Garantie” (Made in France) label, meaning a majority of the product was produced in France.

The label is important because earlier studies have shown that 95 percent of French consumers say they want to know the geographic origin of the products they buy, and prefer products made in France.


Although we sold our Green Giant business to B&G Foods in 2015, we retained a perpetual, royalty-free license to continue operating our Green Giant businesses in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Japan and other select markets. We still sell Green Giant in about 20 countries around the world.

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