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2017 Global Responsibility Report

For 150 years, General Mills has been making food people love while investing to make the world around us better. We believe that being successful in the marketplace and being a force for good go hand in hand.

This belief is more important than ever as our company navigates the enormous changes in our industry and the global economy. Consumer expectations for food companies have never been higher. Consumers are increasingly looking for food that reflects their values, from a company they trust.


We have responded by expanding our offerings, introducing new benefits and increasing transparency. We are growing our natural and organic business, removing artificial colors and flavors from many of our products and introducing new tools that provide consumers easy access to information about the food we make.

We are also bringing innovation to our portfolio by building partnerships with emerging food brands.


At the same time, our planet also is changing. More than perhaps any other industry, ours relies on nature’s bounty for the ingredients in our products.

Our company’s size, scale and global scope enable us to have a material impact on environmental issues. We have taken bold actions to advance sustainability.

Editor’s note: Ken chats with Jerry Lynch, chief sustainability officer at General Mills, about our company’s global responsibility efforts, in this audio clip.

Our 2017 Global Responsibility Report highlights much of our important work and progress over the last year across four key focus areas: Our Food, Our Planet, Our Workplace and Our Community.

Here’s a highlight video overview.

In order to feed a growing global population, we have to be good stewards of our earth – from farm to fork and beyond. We need a stable climate, clean water, healthy soil, strong ecosystems and thriving farming communities. We have set an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent across our value chain by 2025 and reach sustainable emissions levels by 2050.


We are ensuring farmers and communities have long-term plans to take care of key watersheds and have expanded our partnerships to support pollinators and soil health.

We need partners at every level to advance sustainable practices, and for us, it begins with farmers. When farmers can make a good living and take care of the environment around them, their lives are better, their communities are more stable and we’re better able to make the food people love. That’s why we’re focusing efforts on helping farmers and their communities thrive.

We’re encouraged by the progress we’re making and remain committed to doing more.

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