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Drinkable yogurt launches in China

Yoplait’s popular Perle de Lait yogurt continues to expand in China with the recent launch of a drinkable variety of Perle de Lait in Beijing and Shanghai.


“The taste profile of Perle de Lait Drinkable is very close to the cup product, so we’re leveraging the winning equity of that brand – creamy and smooth – and applied it to the drinkable version,” says Gary Zhang, senior marketing manager for Asia & Latin America. “But we carefully sought a balance – friendly for drinking but still a little thick.”

The growth of drinkable yogurts has been very strong in recent years in China. Yoplait’s entry into China in 2015 was the largest expansion of the brand since General Mills acquired a controlling interest in Yoplait in 2011.


Perle de Lait Drinkable comes in three flavors: Plain, Strawberry and Pomegranate. Plain and Strawberry are mainstream flavors in China and also offered in Perle de Lait cup-style, but Pomegranate is new to the brand.

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