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5 of our forgotten mascots

This Saturday, June 17, is National Mascot Day. We have many equity characters representing our brands around the world that we could highlight for the big day, like Betty Crocker, The Pillsbury Doughboy, BuzzBee etc…

But we also have a few you may have forgotten.

Here are our top five favorites from the General Mills Archives:

Baron Von Redberry / Sir Grapefellow (1972)

These two cereal characters debuted in 1972 so we’ll group them together. Baron Von Redberry was a raspberry and marshmallow-flavored oat cereal, and Sir Grapefellow was a grape and marshmallow-flavored oat cereal.


Both Baron Von Redberry and Sir Grapefellow were depicted as World War I fighter pilots, tasked to uphold the merits of their delicious cereal.


During commercials, the two characters argued over whose cereal was best. Sir Grapefellow made the claim that his cereal was the “grapest” and Baron Von Redberry defended his cereal as being the “berry goodest.”

The Berry Bears (1988)

The Berry Bears were a part of Berry Bears Chewy Fruit Snacks from the start. They were the shape of the whole Berry Bears family including Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Bobby, Belinda, Baby, and even a magic flying horse named Flight.

The-Berry-Bears- Fruit-Snacks

In commercials and promotions, Flight would take the Berry Bears on magical adventures throughout Berry Bear land.

The-Berry-Bears- with-Flight

On specially marked boxes of Berry Bears fruit snacks, these magical adventures would create new special shapes and colors for kids to enjoy.

Squeezit’s Chucklin’ Cherry (1992)

Squeezit fruit drink squeezed its way into the marketplace in 1985. The character of Chucklin’ Cherry appeared later in 1992, when the brand’s squeezable bottles debuted in the shape of different characters.


Chucklin’ Cherry was one of the original seven characters for Squeezit, and his name suggested a cool cherry flavor. The character’s real name was Chester Cherrytree. He was depicted as a fun, vibrant, skateboard-riding teen.


He enjoyed a good laugh and often noted that “a chuckle a day keeps the doctor away.” We featured Squeezit, and Chucklin’ Cherry, in our latest “Inside the General Mills Archives” video.

The kangaroo from Dunkaroos (1992)

The Dunkaroos Kangaroo was the only mascot to appear on the brand’s packaging, beginning in 1992. Four years later, Dunkaroos gave consumers the opportunity to give the kangaroo a bit more personality with the “Kangaroo?! Kanga-Who?!” promotion. Consumers could submit what they thought were his favorite things.


Originally, the kangaroo’s name was Sydney and he spoke with a thick Australian accent. But he evolved into Duncan the Daredevil.


His name was shortened again in the 2000s and he just went by Dunk.

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