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A slam dunk graham cookie snack

Dunkaroos hopped onto grocery store shelves in 1992.

The kangaroo-shaped graham cookies paired perfectly with smooth frosting for a satisfying snack in a single-serve tray.

Dunkaroos 1991

The snack’s spokes-roo originally went by the name Sydney, but was later called Duncan the Daredevil or “Dunk” following a campaign seeking consumers’ insights on his personality and pastimes.

While the iconic snack is still available in Canada, Dunkaroos went out of the U.S. in May of 2012 and haven’t come back – despite endless pleas from millennials with the munchies.

Jessica  Faucher, our archivist, and Katie Gamache from our Archives team,  delve into the Dunkaroos craze in the fourth episode of our “Inside the General Mills Archives” video series.

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