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Helping Lefty celebrate 40

Lefty, our favorite four-fingered Helping Hand, is celebrating the big four-oh this year.

In honor of this milestone, we’re serving up five fun facts about lovable Lefty.

Hamburger Helper Lefty_October_1977

  1. The Helping Hand was first introduced on the back of Helper packaging in 1977. By 1980, the Hand was on the front. It’s been featured on the introductory box of nearly 100 Helper flavor varieties since.
    Hamburger Helper Lefty_August_1978
  2. The Helping Hand character was introduced in 1977 with the slogan “Hamburger Helper, when you need a Helping Hand.”
  3. People embraced the Helping Hand, later named Lefty, because he’s a left hand. Sales jumped.
  4. After taking a break in the 1990s, Lefty was reintroduced i2001 with the slogan “Hamburger Helper, helping you make a great meal tonight.”
  5. In April of 2016, Lefty was featured on a hip hop mixtape project that had the internet buzzing. It included five original songs created by established music artists and students from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Watch the Stove Mixtape Cover

Helper still provides convenient, great tasting meals to millions of Americans every day, with 48 flavor optionsAnd, for its top 12 flavors, the brand recently improved the taste by using 100 percent real cheeseand also added 20 percent more pasta to the box.


If you think the mixtape making, meal-time helper is cooking up a big 40th birthday party, you’re right.

Lefty is hosting a party at The Good Room in Brooklyn, New York, this Wednesday, July 26.

You can learn more about Helper’s history and Lefty’s impact on the brand, in this blog post.

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