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Body Buddies’ short, but enriching, past 

Body Buddies was one of our biggest cereal launches when it debuted in 1979.

Offered in Brown Sugar & Honey and Natural Fruit flavors, it was a corn puff cereal focused on providing kids an easy-to-prepare nourishing breakfast.  Body-Buddies-Ad-1979

The cereal contained no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources. And at the time, Body Buddies was the only cereal fortified with significant levels of 16 vitamins and minerals.  

Much of the brand’s advertising and packaging featured facts, games and mail-in offers that communicated the importance of kids eating a nutritious breakfast and having an active lifestyle.  

Jessica  Faucher, our archivist, and Katie Gamache from our Archives team, talk about the cereal’s 17-year run on store shelves in the fifth episode of our “Inside the General Mills Archives” video series. 

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