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MealConnect is making a difference

Preventing food waste and feeding people facing hunger is proving to be easier than ever thanks to Feeding America’s MealConnect application.


Yes, when it comes to food rescue, “there’s an app for that.”  

We detail our connection to MealConnect in this video, and also highlight the ways an online grocery store and a women’s recovery organization are using and benefitting from this collaboration. 

We profiled MealConnect when it launched in April. It’s off to a strong start. 

“The MealConnect team is working to scale use in the Feeding America food bank network and raise awareness among the public and potential donors,” says Justin Block, senior manager in retail information services at Feeding America. “We are currently looking at ways to find support and partnerships for those members interested in using the innovation.”  


If you want to get involved, download MealConnect on your device and notify your favorite restaurants and grocery stores about the easy-to-use application or volunteer at your local Feeding America food bank. 

To learn more about MealConnect and how other organizations are leading the way in food waste, listen to our latest “A Taste of General Mills” podcast.

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