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A gift ‘fresh from the heart’ in Saudi Arabia

What better way to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s independence day and the 50th anniversary of Betty Crocker in the region than with a giant cake worthy of being included in the Guinness World Records?

That’s just what our Middle East & Africa team – along with Panda Retail Company – did Sept. 22 to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s 87th National Day in Jeddah, a city of 4 million people on the coast of the Red Sea.

It took 22 bakers nearly two days to make the giant marble cake that measured 16 square meters (17.5 yards) across and weighed 733 kilograms (1,616 pounds).

To make the cake, it required:

  • 6,304 eggs.
  • 3,203 Betty Crocker marble cake mixes.
  • 1,116 boxes of Betty Crocker frosting.

“The idea behind creating the world’s largest marble cake was to show our gratitude, admiration and appreciation toward the Saudi community, which has loved us and made Betty Crocker a part of their homes for the last 50 years,” says Ali Shaikh, the commercial director for our Middle East & Africa business.


Mainak Dhar, managing director of our IMEA business, cuts the first piece of our Betty Crocker marble cake that is now in the Guinness World Records.

The event – which was attended by about 10,000 people and 70-some media outlets – created a buzz, including reports on CNN, Gulf News and Saudi Gazette.

After the world record was confirmed by Guinness officials, the cake was cut into more than 5,000 pieces and distributed to visitors and the Saudi Food Bank.


Mainak Dhar (center) and Ali Shaikh (right), commercial director for MEA, are presented with the Guinness World Records certificate by Guinness Judge Kevin Richard South.

“Huge kudos to Ali and the MEA team for rallying around ideas like this to start the year on a great note,” says Mainak Dhar, managing director of our India, Middle East, Africa and Asia Exports business.

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