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Biscuits are on the rise

Biscuits have a lot to offer for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

They’re becoming a pivotal part of people’s plates throughout the year, whether dining out or eating at home.

At breakfast, biscuit sandwiches remain the most popular type of sandwich, according to a 2016 NPD Group/Crest study.


And at restaurants, servings of biscuits grew across all uses at any time of day in 2016, up 9 percent to over 2.7 billion servings.

Chef Ted Osorio serves as the lead chef for commercial foodservice operations for General Mills Foodservice, which provides restaurants and schools with our biscuit products and mixes. He attributes the increase to innovative product offerings and creative chefs.

“Biscuits have always been the ultimate comfort food, but now we are seeing them go from supporting cast member to center stage on restaurant menus,” says Osorio. “With specialty biscuit shops popping up and more restaurants adding them to menus, biscuits are having their moment as restaurants discover how versatile they are for creating endless menu options, from sandwich carriers to center-of-the-plate and across all day parts.”


Chef Ted talks about how biscuits are “the new buns,” in this blog post.

He says a basic biscuit can transform into something special by experimenting with unique ingredients and flavor combinations. A few of his favorites include Sweet Potato Biscuits, Fig Gorgonzola Biscuits or Chipotle Cheddar Corn Biscuits.

Biscuits can also be used as the base for signature dishes, such as a Southwestern Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich or Crispy Fried Chicken on Biscuit Pistolette.


Desserts? Chef Ted favors everything from Biscuit Bread Pudding to Biscuit Pull-Apart Bread and Biscuit Berry Shortcakes.

He talks further about the versatility of biscuits, in this video clip.

No, you don’t have to be a professional chef to bake up some baller biscuits.

Chef Ted encourages at-home chefs to use our flours and biscuit mixes, such as Bisquick. He says you can opt to buy dough from brands such as Pillsbury’s Grands! or Immaculate Baking. Then think outside the can.

“You can take a relatively simple product and give it a wow factor quite easily,” he says.

He shares some simple tips for at-home biscuit bakers in this audio clip.

Chef Ted says he can’t pick a favorite type of biscuit. What’s “best” varies depending on health, taste and texture preferences.

This month happens to be “National Biscuit Month” in the U.S. As we learned more about biscuits for this blog post, we discovered that the favorite biscuit in America definitely varies state to state.

Here’s what we found based on search data on

So how did Chef Ted celebrate National Biscuit Month?

“I celebrate biscuits all year round by trying to keep them interesting, so operators and consumers understand all the unique meal opportunities that can be created using our products,” he says. “I’m inspired by the pride and creativity of the operators I work with on a daily basis.”

He cooked up a list of recipe ideas for operators who serve medium to large groups using our Gold Medal mix and Pillsbury frozen dough. Check out the best of his biscuit recipes by downloading this PDF.

Looking to bring biscuits into more of your meals at home? Pillsbury is a great place to start. The Doughboy offers an array of frozen and refrigerated biscuit products at most grocery stores. These can be a side item or the main attraction.

Pillsbury-Grands-Flaky-Layers offers more than 1,000 recipes to incorporate biscuits into meals for all occasions. Just search for “biscuit.”Pillsbury-Gravy-and-biscuits

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