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Why Go-GURT is now easier to open

Have you seen the new EZ-Open Go-GURT tubes? 

They’re featured in several new commercials from the brand.

Using “Tim & Charlie,” two older-than-they-look fourth graders, the ads hilariously highlight the change in Go-GURT packaging that many kids – and adults – have been asking for.  

Before the EZ Open tubes, Go-GURT could slow kids down in their snack tracks. If you didn’t have scissors nearby, it could be a challenge to enjoy the yogurt on the go or at home. 

So the brand just did something about it. 


“We knew it was important to find a way to make the tubes easy-open so kids wouldn’t have to struggle or ask for help to eat their Go-GURT,” says Tsubasa Tanaka, marketing director. “These EZ Open tubes solve a common complaint that we heard loud and clear … Go-GURT has been around for more than 17 years. Now, the next generation of kids will never know what it’s like to experience the frustration of not being able to open a tube at school without the help of a teacher, lunch aide, parent or with the designated ‘Go-GURT scissors.’”  


Scott Gillespie, an engineering platform technical leader at General Mills, says “we improved the tear notch and added a laser-scored perforation at the top of each yogurt tube.”  

How does the laser work?  

Using a precise laser, machines are able to make a perforation line on the outermost layer of the Go-GURT packaging film which makes the top of the tube easy to tear open.  

The project took about a year to complete. The improved packaging has been on store shelves for about three months, and so far the feedback is positive.  


“We’re always trying to think of simple innovations like this to benefit our consumers,” says Ryan Eick, senior associate marketing manager for Go-GURT. “And rather than do it quietly, we put a campaign behind it and are shouting about it.” 

The new Go-GURT campaign, “Kids Never Had It So Easy,” plays into this idea. 

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Eick. “We’re seeing comments like ‘About time’ and ‘I can’t believe you fixed this for us,'” in addition to messages about how hilarious and relatable the Tim & Charlie ads are.” 


The new EZ Open Go-GURT tubes are already available at major retailers, club stores and K-12 schools.  

To all of the kids and adults who have struggled to open Go-GURT in the past, the new packaging is dedicated to you! 

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