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Doughboy helps Santa make magic

Santa Claus and his red suit are in a lot of commercials this time of year. But it’s been a few years since our favorite chef hat-and-neckerchief-wearing Pillsbury Doughboy has appeared in one of the brand’s holiday ads.  

If a new Doughboy commercial was on your wish list, we’ve got quite the gift for you.  

He’s back and cuter than ever in this spot, as part of Pillsbury’s new “Made at Home” campaign.   

The short and sweet video shows a little boy walking downstairs in his home late at night while the sounds of giggles and ho-ho’s come from his family’s living room.  

As he peeks around the corner he sees Santa and the Doughboy exchanging belly pokes and giggles. The narrator’s voice says, “In this home, we believe.” 


“The Doughboy has not appeared in our advertising for a couple of years, and our consumers and employees, including myself, are really excited to bring him back,” says Joanna Hargus, a senior marketing manager with Pillsbury. “Santa is magical, and in his own way, so is the Doughboy. They both represent holiday spirit and tradition.”

The ad tells a Christmas story in a matter of seconds, while perfectly aligning with the heart of Pillsbury’s new campaign, “Made at Home.” 

“Made at Home is about celebrating family and the important things made in homes across America, including values, traditions, memories and of course, Pillsbury,” says Hargus.  

“This ad with the Doughboy is about believing in the magic of the holidays and capturing an innocence and spirit that is so important this time of year.  Whenever we have shown the ad to anyone, we see smiles light up their faces”  

The Pillsbury Doughboy made his television debut in 1965. The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago included the Doughboy in an exhibit of their top 10 advertising icons in 2015. 

He’s appeared with Santa before, in this memorable ad from 1999 and most recently in “Nose Knows,” a spot created for the 2011 holiday season.  

“Santa” will start airing on Thanksgiving Day, as the Doughboy makes his appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

The Doughboy is an important part of Pillsbury’s heritage, and we hope he warms a lot more hearts, and homes, this holiday season.  


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