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Why frosting takes more than the cake

Frosting is more than just a topping, and Betty Crocker has new recipes to prove it. 

We’re always looking at new ways to make food people love, which is why The Kitchens of General Mills team regularly pursues innovation projects to dig deeper into food trends that align with our product or recipe offerings. 

Scratch frosting is one of the most commonly searched for recipes on, especially during the holidays.  

And while the sweet spread is great on top of cookies and cakes, our team of food professionals challenged themselves to find ways to further integrate the ingredient into popular recipes in unconventional ways.  

Kristen Olson, a senior digital planner for the Kitchens of General Mills, talks about the Kitchen team’s recent frosting innovation project, in this video clip. 

Olson says the innovation project resulted in seven new recipes for that bring frosting from the sidelines to the center stage, with a supporting cast of other ingredients. 

The two biggest takeaways she says are to bake in frosting and mix it up with another indulgent baking ingredient.   

“We took it upon ourselves to start baking with frosting. Something we’d never really done before,” Olson explained. “We wanted to make it the star of the recipe instead of just being an added ingredient on the top. We wanted to see how we could mix it or bake it in.”  

No-Bake Birthday Cake Bars involve mixing marshmallows and Betty Crocker vanilla frosting for an easy treat worth celebrating.  


And these Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars call for a mixture of cream cheese and creamy chocolate frosting.  


Beyond that, Olson says the already top-notch cake topping can taste better and go further when mixed with ingredients like Nutella, crushed cookies, chocolate chips or peanut butter.

For instance, Betty’s Peanut Butter Cup and Oreo Cake is overflowing with flavors that peanut butter and chocolate cake lovers will surely enjoy. 


And while our scratch frosting recipes are still popular, Olson says baking with frosting doesn’t have to be exhausting.  

“People love to make homemade frosting, but sometimes it’s a pain when you don’t have a lot of time, so our ready-to-spread frosting is a great solution for that,” she says. “And all of the mix-in options give at-home bakers the freedom to still be creative and make their frosting concoction unique.”   


Olson recommends always having chocolate and vanilla frosting in the cupboard for those moments in the kitchen when creativity strikes, whether you’re making cereal bars, cookies or cakes. 

Want more frosting-filled food ideas?  

Visit to find recipes for Birthday Cake-Mix CookiesSnickers Candy Bar Dump Cake and Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake, among thousands of other delectable desserts.

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