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Petits Filous shows the power of free play

Petits Filous, the number one yogurt brand for children in the UK and Ireland, is spreading the word about the importance of playtime activities initiated and led by kids themselves.

The brand’s “Play Free” campaign points out that free play helps children learn creativity, imagination and spatial awareness.

“Petits Filous has been dedicated to child development in the UK for the past 30 years,” says Richard Williams, marketing director for Northern Europe. “The brand has now extended its focus from the functional benefits of its products (calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones) to the importance of free play for children’s development, with the aim of making positive changes in society.”

Free play seems to be less common around the world for younger children, even though it’s what many of today’s parents and grandparents experienced.

To encourage a revival, one of the videos in the Petits Filous campaign features interviews with moms and dads, explaining the benefits their children get from unstructured playtime.

Videos produced for Play Free for television, video on demand and social media, like this one, show children in a variety of playtime activities.

“Play Free” kicked off in the UK this month and will be rolled out across Europe, including France, Ireland and Belgium.

Petits Filous also is working with Anita Cleare, child development expert and co-founder of “The Positive Parenting Project,” to provide parents with deeper insight on the power of free play.

The brand also has recruited BritMums bloggers to help communicate the campaign messages and challenge parents to resist the urge to step in and direct their child’s playtime.

And a content partnership with Mother & Baby will feature advertorials, mobile advertising and social media activity including a Facebook Live event.


The timing of the campaign also comes as Public Health England (PHE) is recommending Petits Filous as a healthy snack for children, through its Change 4 Life campaign running this month.

Petits Filous reformulated its recipe in 2016, reducing sugar by up to 17 percent across its portfolio.

“Dairy products such as Petits Filous, are an important source of protein and calcium for children and by adding 50 percent of their Vitamin D intake to our core range we are helping to build healthy bones,” says Williams. “With the latest recipe formulation, the brand has been able to go even further in improving its nutrient profile.”

In case you’re wondering, Petits Filous translates to “Little Rascals.”

The brand has long been committed to producing the best for little rascals in Europe. For generations, French parents have given their kids Petits Filous fromage frais – tiny pots of delicious, creamy-textured fromage frais.

Petits Filous launched in the UK in 1986, as the first small pot fromage frais on supermarket shelves there.

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