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What makes a perfect pancake?

Flip ‘em, stack ‘em, serve ‘em up hot … there’s more to pancakes than you might have thought.

It’s National Pancake Month in the U.S., a time to celebrate a simple-to-make breakfast staple.

Bisquick and Gold Medal both offer dependable mixes for at-home cooks. And countless Betty Crocker cookbooks since the 1950s have featured this simple pancake recipe: Two cups of Original Bisquick mix, a cup of milk and two eggs.


But as I learned during my pancake search on BettyCrocker.com, there are a lot of ways to make pancake batter even better for those who want more. For instance, changing the shape of a pancake can provide a whole new breakfast experience for eaters of all ages.

I grew up eating mouse-shaped pancakes, but I think these Piggy Pancakes are pretty precious, too.


And this green food-colored Christmas Tree Pancake Stack is sure to get any cook on Mr. Claus’ nice list.

Some breakfast chefs like to add additional ingredients to make their pancakes something special. You can have cake for breakfast with Cake Batter Pancakes or Cheesecake pancakes. Or add canned pumpkin to make this festive fall favorite.


And while what’s on the inside matters a lot. When it comes to pancakes, what’s on the outside matters, too.

You can top pancakes with everything from syrup or fruit to yogurt and granola. And you can even mix up the kitchen tools you use to bring various pancake recipes to life. Skilletssheet pans and slow cookers are all options to give your stove top or griddle a break during breakfast.


Our Convenience & Foodservice division gives K-12 schools a convenient way to serve mini pancakes to students on-the-go. Schools love the ease and convenience of serving a pre-packaged item that they can simply heat and serve.

And in the restaurant industry, specialty pancakes are literally “selling like hotcakes.” Shar’els Café, in Oakdale, Minnesota, has used General Mills Convenience & Foodservice’s Gold Medal Golden Valley Complete Buttermilk Pancake Mix as the foundation of several varieties of its popular pancakes.


Owners Jon and Sharon Buersken say they appreciate the convenience, consistency and quality of the mix. Sharon talks about how our pancake mix stacks up, in this short heat-of-the-kitchen interview.

Learn more about Shar’els in the latest Operation Success story on the General Mills Convenience & Foodservice blog.

Editor’s note: Chef Ted Osorio serves as the lead chef for commercial foodservice operations for General Mills Foodservice, which provides restaurants and schools with our breakfast products and mixes. He shares his personal perspective and favorite pancake recipes, in this article.

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