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Helping kids thrive in the classroom

Can you imagine paying attention to an algebra lesson first thing in the morning with a growling, churning stomach?

Sadly, millions of children in the U.S. don’t eat breakfast because there simply isn’t enough food at home.

As part of the General Mills Foundation’s effort to end hunger by increasing food security, General Mills has partnered with No Kid Hungry and Food Research & Action Center.


We’re helping tens of thousands of students at nearly 200 schools to date in America establish or strengthen their breakfast program, allowing breakfast to be a regular part of the school day for every student.

“Breakfast is so important for kids, and making sure all kids have access to a nourishing school breakfast is a powerful way to fight childhood hunger,” says Louise Iverson, senior program manager for the General Mills Foundation. “Plus, school breakfast programs not only reduce hunger, they also lead to less absences, better test scores, improved student health and fewer distractions in the classroom.”


“Working with General Mills, the No Kid Hungry campaign has already helped tens of thousands of kids have access to breakfast every morning,” says Tom Nelson, president and CEO of Share Our Strength, the nonprofit that runs No Kid Hungry. “In this wealthy, generous country, no child should start their school day on an empty stomach. Someday soon, none of them will.”

Learn about the impact a one-time grant has made in helping kids thrive in the classroom and beyond in this video, featuring a school seeing big results with No Kid Hungry. And, at this elementary school in Florida.

You can hear more from the principal and teacher featured in that video, in the latest episode of our podcast.

Listen (7 min)

Aside from supporting school breakfast programs in the U.S., General Mills also supports school meals programs around the globe.


A sampling of the organizations we partner with for school meals include: Tata Trusts and World Food Programme in India (read this previous blog post); Instituto Melhores Dias in Brazil; China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Greggs Foundation in the UK and Breakfast Clubs of Canada.

March 5 marks the start of another National School Breakfast Week in the U.S.. To learn about the impact we’ve made with school breakfasts in our home state of Minnesota, read this recent blog post.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 32: March 6, 2018

Link: No Kid Hungry

Video: No Kid Hungry/Walker Elementary

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