May 21, 2018 • By

Mug Treats go around the globe

The launch of Betty Crocker Mug Treats – a dessert that can be made in a coffee mug – marks another first for the brand. Resulting from a collaboration of our people worldwide, the treat is enjoying a global launch.

Mug Treats debuted recently in the U.S., Middle East and Canada, and soon will be in Europe, Australia and Latin America.


They can be microwaved in about a minute, then you finish your creation with the provided frosting, topping, icing or glaze.

Knowing there were already competitors in several global markets, teams from across several General Mills regions talked with our retail customers and used the feedback to come up with something delicious, different, and simple. Flavors and packaging are unique to each market.

“We are thrilled to see the amazing response to Mug Treats from consumers and our retail partners,” says Emily Thomas, U.S. Meals & Baking business unit director. “Mug Treats is a great example of how we are moving quickly to create amazing products that people all over the world love.”

There are a variety of products including Hot Fudge Brownie and Rainbow Chip Cake that will be available at grocery stores in the U.S. this spring and summer.


The global launch of Mug Treats suggests a food with global appeal might be easier to introduce when it comes to indulgences.

“Indeed, sweet treats and snacks do seem to transcend cultures and markets much more than meals, which are often rooted in local customs and traditions,” says Mainak Dhar, managing director of India, Middle East and Africa.