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Lucky in love: A charming proposal

Josie Titcomb felt like a very lucky girl after her boyfriend Kurt Bogdahn pulled off a sweet proposal using Lucky Charms marshmallows.

The couple from Long Island, New York, has been together more than three and a half years. And when it came time to pop the question, Kurt knew he wanted to ask for Josie’s hand in marriage in a magical way.

While Kurt considered proposing during the couple’s trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, he decided magically-delicious marshmallows were more fitting for his cereal-loving sweetheart.


A lifelong commitment

You see, Josie has loved Lucky Charms since she was a kid. And at 30 years old, Josie says her love for Lucky Charms is still “unwavering.”

Kurt, more of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy himself, says Josie was ecstatic when the Lucky Charms team announced the brand’s sweepstakes giveaway of 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms in May 2017. She bought countless specially-marked boxes and was diligent about entering the codes from them online in the hopes that one would be a winner.

So, Kurt played off of Josie’s desire to win a marshmallow-only box for his proposal plan.

“I thought I’d make it seem like she won the contest and ship her a box,” he says. “I think I bought four boxes of regular Lucky Charms and sifted through all of them on my day off and took out all the marshmallows. Then I went online and found a General Mills logo and a corporate address and made a letterhead and shipping label so it looked like any other box you’d receive in the mail around the holidays.”


While the marshmallow surprise worked perfectly, Kurt says it took Josie a while to realize he was also proposing because she didn’t read the whole letter. In her excitement about the marshmallows, Josie missed the key message typed in all capital letters mentioning the “prize at the bottom of the box.”


Instead of looking at the bottom of the box, Kurt says Josie immediately grabbed two bowls and some milk and started serving up her prized marshmallows. After about five minutes of munching on marshmallows Kurt asked Josie about the special “prize” that was referenced on the letter. Josie finally dug to the bottom of the box and, with a mouthful of marshmallows and tears in her eyes, said “Yes, a million times, yes.”

Kurt explains how the “marshmallow-only box” proposal went down from his point of view, in this audio clip.

Josie admits that while Kurt’s proposal probably didn’t go exactly as planned, the moment was “definitely magical.”

Josie-and-Kurt-engagedA magical engagement gift

After sharing the news with family and friends, Josie shared the news with us. We loved hearing how our cereal played a part in the proposal, and our Lucky Charms team sent the happy couple a very special engagement gift!


Josie talks about receiving the “unicorn of all cereals,” in this audio clip.

And while the marshmallow-only boxes are empty now. Josie says she’s regularly reminded of her perfect proposal.


“Every morning that we eat Lucky Charms, it’s just a reminder now of this special day. So, it will always be a part of us and we can never look at Lucky Charms the same way,” she says. “Although I didn’t think it was possible, there is an extra love that I now have for them.”

Kurt and Josie plan to get married on December 1, 2019. And they say their Lucky Charms boxes will likely be incorporated into the big day in some way.


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