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Annie’s celebrates National Mac and Cheese Day

National Mac and Cheese Day (July 14) is quite possibly one of the yummiest holidays on the American calendar.

Annie’s has been making mac and cheese goodness for nearly 30 years, and recently upgraded Annie’s Classic Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese to a creamier, cheesier-tasting recipe.


So in honor of Mac and Cheese Day, the brand team in Berkeley, California, set out to answer an age-old question…

What’s the best way to eat this classic comfort food: Fork or Spoon?

The team asked people across the U.S. through a national survey. Today, we’re excited to share the deliciously cheesy findings.


An overwhelming majority of people surveyed said they preferred using a fork to eat their mac and cheese. With the updated classic recipe the Annie’s team updated the packaging of its Classic Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese to feature a fork, moving away from the spoon that once graced the box.Annies-Classic-Mac-Side-by-Side

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