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Petits Filous encourages creative play with Amazon

Petits Filous, the number one yogurt brand for children in the UK and Ireland, is partnering with Amazon to encourage kids to play with empty containers and boxes.

The partnership supports the brand’s ongoing Play Free campaign, which emphasizes the importance of unstructured play.


This summer, two-hundred thousand boxes from Amazon Pantry UK are including leaflets with play-inspiring instructions on how to turn the boxes, along with some empty Petits Filous pots, into castles, rockets and other creations. In addition, a new Alexa skill provides mini-challenges and sound effects to stimulate play.

“Cardboard boxes are one of the key household objects that children simply love to play with and transform into absolutely anything with their imagination. Inspiring a second life to the cardboard box felt like a simple, yet powerful, idea to get families playing freely more often,” says Nina Shanahan, senior brand manager and project lead.

The Alexa skill, which is accessible by asking Alexa to open Petits Filous, takes children on an interactive audio experience that couples with four of the main creations included in the leaflets.

For example, if a child tells Alexa they made a space helmet, Alexa prompts the child along a space adventure.


“Alexa encourages the child to mobilize their toys and crew, check their helmet and ship, counts down to take-off and plays music and space-like sounds as the child’s imagination is rocketed into the universe,” describes Shanahan.

Petits Filous is also enticing children to Peel, Lick and Play with ideas on the inside lid of 28 million yogurt containers.

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