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Annie’s is “More Than Just Food”

Annie’s Homegrown, the beloved Berkeley, California-based maker of natural and organic pastas, meals, and snacks, has partnered with its Canadian counterparts to launch a new campaign that went live this week across the U.S. and Canada.

The campaign, titled “More Than Just Food,” includes a mix of television, online video, and social posts, as well as in-store displays across retailers.

“More Than Just Food is an evolution from our ‘Organic for Everybunny’ message and is centered around the insight of shared connections and the role Annie’s plays in enabling these moments while also highlighting how Annie’s makes delicious, wholesome, and sustainable food kids love to eat and parents love to serve,” says Priscilla Zee, senior marketing manager with Annie’s.

The five spots in the campaign highlight how Annie’s not only makes tasty, organic food, but also builds a more joyful world in the process.


The main spot interweaves all four narratives in the campaign, underscoring Annie’s as an integral component of poignant, everyday moments:

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