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Expanding our U.S. paid leave offerings

Today we announced a significant expansion of our U.S. employee paid leave benefits offerings, including an industry-leading leave policy for new parents.

“We spent a lot of time talking with employees at different life stages and asking questions about their pain points and what contributes to feeling torn between work and home,” says Jacqueline Williams-Roll, chief human resources officer. “Out of those discussions, we developed a strategy to focus on these moments when employees really need support the most.”


One of those major life moments is having or adopting a little one. General Mills is increasing fully paid time off for new birth mothers to 18 to 20 weeks, and parental leave (for fathers, partners and adoptive parents) to 12 weeks, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

And honoring a workforce that spans five generations, General Mills is also improving caregiver leave, bereavement and short-term disability benefits.

Caregiver Leave: A new benefit in 2019, General Mills will now offer caregivers a two-week paid leave for the care of immediate family members with a serious health condition.

Bereavement: An expansion of our previous plan, we’ll now offer up to four weeks off for employees following the death of an immediate family member.

Short-term Disability: An expansion of our previous plan, employees are eligible for 100 percent paid time for up to eight weeks and 65 percent of pay for up to 26 weeks. Unlike in the past, this will no longer depend on location and years of service.

These new benefits apply to both salaried and non-union production workers in the U.S. and build upon existing programs at General Mills that will continue to support employee needs, like vacation, holidays, unpaid leaves, sabbaticals and paid military leaves.

This includes flexibility for salaried employees – like working from home while a pet recovers from surgery, helping get kids to those inconvenient middle-of-the-day appointments or phasing back to work after a leave.

“General Mills has been making food people love for over 150 years, and our employees have always been our secret ingredient. We want to keep innovating in how we meet their evolving needs,” Williams-Roll says.

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