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“Häagen-Dazs NOW” delivers on target

There was no need to scream for ice cream last week in London, because “Häagen-Dazs NOW” allowed fans of the brand to just use their smartphones to get their favorite flavor delivered direct to their geolocation.

After exploring the concept with people near Wimbledon tennis events a few months ago, the Häagen-Dazs UK team brought it to life in London’s Russell Square on September 7.Haagen-Dazs-Now-Order-Screen

How does Häagen-Dazs NOW work?

Within a fixed location – like Russell Square last Friday – people see a flyer or signage telling them that Häagen-Dazs NOW is available in their area. They then open their Facebook Messenger App and take a picture of the Häagen-Dazs NOW QR code.

This triggers the NOW bot, which through simple conversation, shares flavor options and walks the person through the order process, ending with an option to drop a pin at the location for the ice cream to be delivered.


Web-based geolocation Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) then pinpoint the person’s exact location, enabling a member of the Häagen-Dazs NOW delivery team to deliver the order right to their spot. Even if the consumer is not standing still, real-time syncing of data through web sockets enables the orderer to keep track of how far away their ice cream is and when it will be delivered to them.

See how the Häagen-Dazs NOW process works, in this video.

“There’s excitement about getting cold ice cream delivered on a hot day, without having to get up and possibly lose a prime spot in an outdoor location,” says Samuel Horner, senior brand manager for Häagen-Dazs UK.

The concept is all about ‘hyper convenience.’ People could just go buy the same products at a nearby store. But delivering it to them brings a special touch.

“Everything that Häagen-Dazs does aims to make every day extraordinary for our consumers,” adds Horner. “Häagen-Dazs NOW is a great example of how we could include ordering and delivery as part of that mix.”

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