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Russell Wilson fulfills a Wheaties dream

On Tuesday, Wheaties announced the newest athlete to be featured on the cover of its iconic orange box: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

It was a childhood dream-come-true for Wilson, who remembers running down the cereal aisle as a kid to find out who was on the newest Wheaties box.

“I can’t really explain the feeling that it used to give me. We used to sit around the table in the morning, before school, or before baseball games, and we’d set up the box in front of us … We’d just sit there and look at a picture of [Michael Jordan] for 10 minutes, like … Man, some day. Some day that’s gonna be me,” Wilson wrote in The Players’ Tribune.

Russell-Wilson-fulfills-childhood-dream-Wheaties-truckWilson joins the ranks of other champion athletes, including Muhammad Ali, Michael Phelps, Mary Lou Retton and Jordan Spieth. The limited-edition cereal boxes will hit U.S. stores this October.

A father’s inspiration

When Wilson heard the news about his Wheaties box, it reminded him of his father’s words of encouragement that have motivated him throughout his life and football career.

Despite being told he was “too small” to play quarterback, Wilson wrote in The Players’ Tribune that his father never let him believe he couldn’t do something. “Whenever someone was doubting me, or I was doubting myself, he used to say, ‘Why not you?’”

Now Wilson gets to pass along his father’s advice. Wilson’s son loves Wheaties and eats them every morning. With his first day of school being on Tuesday, Wilson planned to surprise his son at breakfast with the newest Wheaties box—featuring his dad on the cover.

“Now that I’m a father myself, I have a new appreciation for the idea that my father put into my head when I was a kid. I truly understand how powerful it is,” Wilson wrote in The Players’ Tribune. “The most important gift we can give our children is the belief that no matter who they are, and no matter what their circumstances, they can do anything.”

A leader on and off the field

It’s not just Wilson’s many accolades on the field that make him a champion – it’s also what he does outside of football that have made him a role model for others.

After the Wheaties announcement and his interview, Russell continued with his typical Tuesday routine: visiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he has been regularly visiting kids in the hospital since his rookie year.

“I’ve been grateful to be able to meet so many different kids, and just give them a glimpse of hope and prayer,” Wilson told Good Morning America in an interview on Tuesday. “The thing is, they don’t understand how much they give me.”

Read Wilson’s article, “The Box,” on The Players’ Tribune here.

Watch his full interview with Good Morning America here.

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