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Yoki helps Brazilians “Live their roots”

Since the Yoki brand was born in Brazil in 1989, it has focused on the unique tastes and traditions of the country’s culture.

Now, with products that span over twenty categories, the Yoki team has brought all its products under a unified brand message.

The “Viva as suas raizes” (“Live your roots”) brand message speaks to both the past and present of Brazilian food culture.


With a wide variety of Brazilian household staples like Farofa – a traditional side dish made with seasoned cassava flour – and one of its most popular products, popcorn, the Yoki team looked for a way to speak to consumers across all its categories through an emotional tie.

“The new campaign is about celebrating life and creating moments of bonding,” says Manuel Garabato, marketing director for our business in Latin America and Brazil. “It’s about enjoying life with the ones that you love through food and celebration. It’s about keeping alive traditions, recreating your own past experiences and enabling you to make your own traditions.”

“We want to show consumers that no matter what the product is, if it has a Yoki label, they should know that they can trust the brand,” adds Priscila Pizano, marketing manager for Yoki.

The traditions of Brazilian cooking are brought to life through Yoki’s partnership with Tastemade in a series called “Raízes dos Brasileiros” (“Brazilian Roots”).

The video series features Brazilian chef and foodie Isadora Becker as she explores the origins of traditional Brazilian dishes, and then creates her own take on the recipes using Yoki ingredients.

Click here to watch the first episode of Raízes dos Brasileiros, as Becker makes “croquete empanado na batata palha.”


While the master brand message has already started appearing on some packaging, more products will be updated over time.


In addition to the other efforts around the “Live your roots” launch, Yoki also partnered with Airbnb to host a dinner for food bloggers and journalists at a traditional Brazilian house. They invited a prominent psychologist to share insights on the power of the Brazilian consumer’s relationship with food, especially as it relates to family, heritage and connection around a table.


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