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Marshmallow Only makes a big comeback

For years, getting a box of only authentic Lucky Charms Marshmallows has seemed as far-fetched as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or spotting a magical unicorn.

In 2015, Lucky Charms granted 10 winners their very own box of Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only. In 2017, the brand expanded it to a 10,000-box giveaway.

This year, it’s coming back to the U.S. with even more marshmallow magic, with 15,000 boxes that will be filled with rainbow and unicorn marshmallows.


“For more than 50 years consumers have loved Lucky Charms and their love of Lucky’s magical marshmallows cannot be contained,” says Joanne Knight, senior marketing manager for Lucky Charms.  “The number one request we hear from fans is for more marshmallows. So, this year we are bringing the promotion back for the third time.”

Why just the two marshmallows this time?

Marshmallow-Only-Lucky-Charms-Gold-Bowl“People love rainbows and unicorns right now. Unicorn apparel and accessories are everywhere,” says Jake Coldren, marketing communications manager for Lucky Charms. “And rainbows just match so nicely with unicorns. It’s this wonderful little pairing between the two of them that we think folks are really going to like it.”

It’s also a way to celebrate the magical unicorn marshmallow’s one-year anniversary.

“We know cereal fans are still discovering Lucky’s magical unicorn marshmallow and we thought it would be special to have boxes of only unicorns and rainbows to commemorate the unicorn’s first full year in boxes,” says Knight.” We also know there could be second time winners amongst some of our biggest fans and we wanted to give them something new and exciting to look forward to.”

Joining the club 
Further adding to the excitement and exclusivity of the marshmallow only campaign this year, winners will become official members of Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club.


The digital spot for the latest marshmallow only campaign really plays up the idea of the exclusivity of this club.

And the exclusive club in the spot even has ties to our company’s history.

“We were able to find this great old house, an old Pillsbury mansion in in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, that we were able to use to film the spot. It had wonderful little nooks and crannies and secret passageways to film in – and it had the look of a stately old members-only club,” explains Coldren. “And then you just add in to that the wonderful jacket that was certainly inspired by the attire you’d see awarded to professional golfers or to Hall of Famers. Plus, there’s a patch that goes along with it.”

Can’t copy the magic of our marshmallows
Our marshmallow charms are often imitated – sure you can buy a bag of marshmallows online – but true Lucky Charms fans often say that our marshmallows are unmatched.

So, what makes our marshmallows so magical?


“It’s about the look, shape, texture and flavor of our marshmallows. We were the first and there’s familiarity in that space,” says Coldren. “Others can come along and try to be copycats, but when you’re the first ones out the gate, you sort of stake your claim in the space. And I think folks recognize that.”

Knight agrees.

“There are many marshmallow cereals, but Lucky Charms are the OG (‘original gangster’),” she says. “Beyond the great tasting marshmallows and oat pieces, Lucky’s magical marshmallows are fun shapes and colors. They are truly Lucky’s charms – an extension of his magic.”

For more information on how to win a box of Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only, including an alternative method of entry, please visit or join the conversation on Lucky Charms’ FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. And, follow the hashtags #MarshmallowOnlyClub and #LuckyCharms. You must be 18 years or older to enter.


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