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Snack and cereal prizes inspire summer fun

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to hit the beach, go on a camping trip and enjoy some fun in the sun

General Mills has inspired its cereal and snacfans to enjoy the great outdoors with one-of-a-kind premiums for years. Let’s look back at the prizes that made summers extra sweet in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Have A Golden Day 

“Have A Golden Day …” the long-time slogan of Golden Grahams, branded its premiums in 1983which included a T-shirt, beach towel and hat

Fans could order multiple items by including a specified amount and three proof-of-purchase seals for each item. These premiums were followed closely by an inflatable canvas raft, which featured the same design and could be redeemed for $10.50 and two Golden Grahams UPCs.  


Whale of a Time 

Lucky joined in the fun with special swirledup marshmallows that featured a whale in 1985. Lucky enlisted cereal eaters to help “Fix-Up the Swirl-Up.” 

They could receive an inflatable swirled multicolored whale premium for $2.95 and one Lucky Charms UPC. The Lucky and Whale duo returned in 1987 when both needed help getting safely down from a rainbow. To commemorate the event, fans could get a beach towel premium for $4.95 and one Lucky Charms UPC.  

What’s Hot in the winter and Cool in the summer? 

Free Sunglasses from S’more Crunch, of course! 

The chocolate graham and marshmallow cereal made breakfast s’more fun when it debuted in 1985. This cereal version of a campfire treat offered a pair of free collapsible sun glasses with their own carrying case. These cool summer glasses only required 3 UPCs. 


A Blast of Sun from Bugles  

The classic snack, Bugles, offered a variety of items that were intended for fun at the beach! In 1985, the snack debuted a beach towel featuring the Bugles bugler, which could be collected with 2 UPCs and $9.25 from Nacho Cheese Bugles. 

In 1986, they released a beach ball and bag/pillow set that only required $5.50 with 2 Bugles UPCs.  

The coolest, most dangerous duffle bag anywhere! 

Shark Bites were a sharkshaped fruit snack that didn’t miss a beat when it came to summer fun. In 1991, you could sport your very own Shark Bites Bag for just $7.95 and 1 Shark Bites UPC. 

Not only was the bag shaped like a shark, it also featured an additional front zipper for the shark’s mouth – a perfect spot to retrieve clothes, beach items, or even better, Shark Bites fruit snacks! 

Bee Cool with Honey Nut Cheerios 

Honey Nut Cheerios also joined in the summer fun with “Bee Cool” personalized sunglasses in 1989.

The sunglasses only required one Honey Nut Cheerios UPC and $3.75. They were the perfect accessory for beach days or just hanging out with your friends. In 1992, they added a free mini “beech” ball inside each cereal box. 

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