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What is an Investor Day like at General Mills?

I had the opportunity to tag along with General Mills executives at our annual Investor Day at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) yesterday, and I got a chance to see “behind-the-scenes” as our leaders represent General Mills to our investor and consumer audiences.

What is an Investor Day all about?  

It’s a day when leaders get to talk about what to expect from General Mills over the next year and beyond.

And while we haven’t always held our Investor Day event at the NYSE, General Mills has some serious longevity on Wall Street. Of the 800 companies who were publicly trading on the NYSE when we joined in 1928, we’re one of only 44 companies still going strong. It’s quite the legacy – 91 years! – and Investor Day is a chance to be proud of our rich history and look ahead to a bright future.

This year also included ringing the iconic Opening Bell at the NYSE to open the day’s trading. Two of our employees were selected to join the team and carry out the actual bell ringing. Brent Leaman, supply chain packaging initiatives leader, and Joel Stamp, transportation manager, were the lucky two who took to the center stage.

I caught up with Leaman and Stamp right after the big moment.

What else happened while at the NYSE?

Right after leaving the platform above the trading floor, leaders got a chance to sign the stairway wall behind the stage – an opportunity to “leave their mark” on Wall Street – adding their names to hundreds of others scattered across the wall.


Next, Chairman and CEO Jeff Harmening talked with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” hosts about our plans.


And a few of our General Mills products made an appearance on the trading room floor, including some of our newest, just revealed in this blog post on Monday.


What did our leaders have to say about the day?

I talked with Harmening, and several other company leaders, before their presentations to investors. Enthusiasm was high as each shared what they were looking forward to about the day and the year ahead. Harmening highlighted the key theme for the day – that we’re laser-focused on growth.


“This year is exciting for me because this is going to be the year we return to organic sales growth. We had a good year in fiscal 2019, and we’re looking to have a better one and build on that success this year,” Harmening said. “We have some momentum coming into the year, and this is the year we’re going to pay it off with growth.”

This was the second time Billy Bishop, group president of our Pet Business Segment, has visited the NYSE with General Mills since the acquisition of Blue Buffalo. He expressed confidence in where Blue is headed.

“I think what investors will see from Blue Buffalo today is a lot of growth that lies ahead of us, not just in F20 with the great plans we have in place, but beyond,” said Bishop. “Because we’re really transforming the way pet parents think about feeding their pets, with our Blue Buffalo wholesome natural formulas. It should be an exciting day.”

But that’s not it – our leaders had more to say – and you can catch some extra snippets in this video clip.

And if you’re looking for more, an archive of the investor presentations is available on the Investor Relations page on GeneralMills.com.

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