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Back-to-school must-haves for the whole day

Back to school usually means back to routine, for kids and parents alike. And it can be a fresh start for setting up new routines you hope stick.

But all those good intentions, like getting to school on time or staying on top of homework, aren’t complete without finding some new food rhythms that both parents and kids can feel good about.

We asked Lesley Shiery, MS, RD, senior nutrition scientist in the General Mills Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition, to give a few of her top tips for setting up healthy back-to-school mealtime routines:

  1. Don’t miss breakfast! It contributes important nutrients to the day. A bowl of cereal and milk along with fruit is a great way to start the day! In fact, kids who eat cereal are more likely to meet nutrient recommendations.
  2. Think nutrient density when choosing snacks & meals. A Nature Valley granola bar with a GoGURT and piece of fruit delivers whole grain, protein, vitamins and minerals – a nutrient dense snack choice to fuel after-school activities.
  3. Throw a yogurt in that lunchbox. Research shows that kids who eat yogurt get more calcium and vitamin D – two nutrients they often fall short on, but are so important for building strong bones.
  4. Eat dinner together. Research has also shown kids who eat meals as a family get more fruits and vegetables, and eating as a family can have a lasting positive effect on your child’s diet.

As a food company, we also understand the struggle of keeping kids fed and full of energy all day, especially as the busyness of the school year sets in.

In fact, many of our employees and their families live this as a daily reality, and understand the challenges of balancing work, life and nourishing their families.

We caught up with a few of our employees, along with their kiddos, to name a few of their favorite back-to-school products from General Mills and why they love them.

This is what they had to say.


Whether the biggest battle of the day is finding a grab-and-go after-school snack, or figuring out a way to get everyone to the dinner table, we know the importance of keeping kids and parents nourished all day, even when life gets busy.

And in the middle of all that school-year chaos is the best part – making memories around the food your family loves.

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