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Go on a “taste odyssey” with Liberté

The world opens up to those who are open to it.

That belief is core to the Liberté brand in Canada and at the center of “The Odyssey,” a stunning two-minute film showcasing the authentic discovery of the world through food.

The documentary-style film features the stories of four different travelers who bond with locals over food.

The Odyssey

The world opens up to those who are open to it.

“Our vision is about real food, real taste, obsession for food and cooking from scratch,” says Jenny Chiasson, Liberté’s senior marketing communications manager in Canada. “When you travel or go to different cultural restaurants in your city, and you don’t speak the native language, you often connect for the first time through food. That openness and connection is what this is all about.”

The five recipes in the film all point to the versatility of plain yogurt.

Liberté, a leader in the Canadian market for plain yogurt, considered shooting the film in Montreal, but decided to go abroad for a truly authentic experience. They chose two locations – Morocco and Nepal – where a yogurt culture already exists.


“We wanted it to be an authentic, natural and easy fit,” says Chiasson. “Yogurt isn’t present everywhere, so it was really important for us that yogurt was part of their food culture.”

A small team of seven people from Liberté and its partner agencies, Cossette (creative and media) and Les Enfants (production), set out on a 16-day trip to capture the footage.

The team took its documentary-style approach to filming and worked with local production houses in Morocco and Nepal to navigate the language barriers and find travelers and locals with no prior acting experience.


Yves Christian Fournier, a Canadian film and TV director, led the charge.

“He (Christian) was our director and a really experienced world traveler. And he’s a foodie,” says Chiasson. “The trust and the experience that we had together really brought the magic in.”



The Odyssey is an extension of Liberté’s Obsession campaign, which first launched in 2016 with the Taste Liberté platform

The film is not only a first for the brand, but the first of its kind in the yogurt space. And, a memorable project for Chiasson and her team.

“I’ve been working in advertising for more than 15 years and I’ve never done anything like this, says Chiasson. “This film is really unique and we’re extremely proud of that.”

After watching the film, Chiasson hopes viewers understand that they can add value to their life by being open to food discovery and by being open to others.

“It’s not about having to travel the world. Go and discover your own city in your own environment and try something new…and try something new with your plain yogurt.”

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