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PODCAST: Leadership series

Around the world, we have men and women leading teams of all sizes, in a variety of functions for General Mills.

We wanted you to hear from some of them, and get their leadership advice and learn about their experiences as leaders within the company.

In a special series on our “A Taste of General Mills” podcast, we posted interviews with four leaders based at our World Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Podcast leadership series

They are:

-Brad Hiranaga (Episode 54), vice president of Brand Experience for our North America Retail business

-Teman Evans (Episode 55), senior director of Global Design in our Global Marketing Organization

-Carla Vernón (Episode 56), president of our Natural and Organic Business Unit

-Jeanine Bassett (Episode 57), vice president of Consumer Insights in our Global Marketing Organization

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Each leader in this series offers a unique perspective on leadership, as they reflect on lessons they learned on their way up, how they lead their teams, how they check in with their direct reports, and more.

Here are some highlights from the conversations:

-“People that have a really great sense of humor, as a leader, is something that I feel like is very influential to me … They don’t have to be the comedian or the funniest person, but they have a sense of humor and levity.” – Brad Hiranaga

-“I always like to say that it’s not about the role, it’s about the goal. And that means that anyone can lead at any level, at any title, if it’s about truly making a groundbreaking difference for the company at the end of the day.” – Teman Evans

-“If people look back and say, ‘Man, that was tough work, but boy, that’s one of the most special experiences I remember,’ that’s my aspiration. Each and every time I build a team.” – Carla Vernón

-“If I really want to show you that I value you and I’m investing with you, it is going to be through feedback, taking the extra time to give you a point of view that could make you even better.” – Jeanine Bassett

Each episode also features a “Speed round,” where you’ll learn much more about each leader, beyond their work and role at General Mills.

This four-part leadership series on the “A Taste of General Mills” podcast is hosted by Kevin Hunt and Hanna Johnson.

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