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New cereal pancakes will make you feel like a kid again

If you find yourself having to choose between cereal or pancakes for breakfast, now you don’t have to. 

For the first time ever, IHOP is combining its World Famous buttermilk pancakes with fan-favorite cereals for the ultimate breakfast mashup – cereal pancakes!  

The limited-time lineup features collaborations with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Lucky Charms. The menu also includes a line of cereal milkshakes.  


“IHOP is always looking for ways to take pancakes to a new level, including interesting, new flavor combinations and mashups,” says Alisa Gmelich, vice president of marketing, IHOP. “With cereal pancakes, we took another favorite breakfast food that has very nostalgic flavors and built a delicious lineup that takes us back to that ‘Saturday morning feeling’ we all had when we were kids.” 

IHOP worked closely with the Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch brand teams, and our Brand Experience team, as well as our Convenience & Foodservice business segment, to bring these new recipes to life. 

“Our teams were integral in providing a perspective on how the brands and products were incorporated into the recipes,” says Liz Mahler, senior brand manager, Cereal, at General Mills. “Through this partnership with IHOP, we’re bringing Lucky’s marshmallow magic and Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s epic cinnamon and sugar combination to consumers in a fun, new way.”

Not only are these new recipes fun and delicious, they also reflect a greater trend of cereal-inspired offerings across the food industry. 

Cereal has taken off over the past few years as a star ingredient in menus and in recipes,” says Nancy Maurer, senior culinary chef at General Mills. “And it’s not going anywhere. Consumers love it because it evokes that sense of childhood nostalgia.”  


The new ‘cakes and shakes’ are the inspiration for IHOP’s latest ad campaign, which is all about letting go of ‘adulting’ and harnessing your inner child.  

The campaign features a Child Executive Officer, the brains behind the new menu innovation. 

“This new line-up challenges the conventions of what we think pancakes and shakes should be. Our Child Executive Officer is the perfect spokesperson to deliver the message because, well, she doesn’t know what conventions are just yet,” says Gmelich. 

The new cereal pancakes and shakes are available at IHOP restaurants across the U.S. now through April 12.  

And if you’re lucky enough to make it there on St. Patrick’s Day, IHOP is serving up $1 St. Paddy’s Day Cakes – a short stack of Irish-green pancakes topped with sweet cream cheese icing, Fruity Lucky Charms cereal and whipped topping. 

 For more information or to find the nearest location, visit IHOP.com. 

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