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Dunkaroos superfans to receive a surprise, pre-summer treat

Editor’s note: As of the afternoon of April 30, all 5,000 Dunkaroos packs were given away. Dunkaroos will be available at participating 7-Eleven stores in late May and will be rolling out across the U.S., and to other convenience stores and grocery retailers, in July.

Back in February, we confirmed Dunkaroos were making a sweet summer comeback.

But before Dunkaroos officially hit U.S. store shelves, we’re thanking some of our most loyal snacking supporters today and giving away 5,000 packs of Dunkaroos for free (limit one per person/household), while supplies last!

To be among the first to get ahold of the iconic cookie and frosting snack of the ‘90s, fans can head to Dunkaroos.com/preorder at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT to request a free pack.


“We know people are looking for delicious comfort foods and even a little bit of fun,” says Dan Stangler, business unit director, Indulgent Snacks at General Mills. “To thank those who have been eagerly awaiting the return of Dunkaroos, we’re excited to offer a limited batch a few weeks ahead of schedule that can be ordered from the comfort of home.”

For those that don’t get their hands on the first 5,000 packs, Dunkaroos will be available at participating 7-Eleven stores in late May and rolling out nationwide to other convenience stores and grocery retailers in July.

Dunkaroos originally hit the market in 1992 and left U.S. shelves two decades later in May of 2012 with countless requests from celebs and nostalgic millennials to return the beloved brand to shelves.

We know people love the ‘90s and are excited to share that your favorite cookie and frosting duo is here to stay!

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